Militaria is simply a word that refers to
collectible military gear.  I have been
collecting "militaria" (war souvenirs and
memorabilia) from WWII since I was a kid in
the 1980's.  I have always loved the history
of these items.  And I have a deep affection
for the men who fought for our freedom.  I
come from a long line of veterans, and I
began collecting to honor the veterans in
my family.  Collecting the souvenirs they
brought home helped me connect to the
past; to a time when our Nation was unified,
when good men went off to war, and when
good ultimately  triumphed over evil.

If you are a WWII veteran or the family of a WWII veteran, and have
something you are looking to sell, I would love to hear from you.  
I am not a
!  I collect for the history and to honor WWII veterans, not for profit.

I am the 4th generation in my family to fight in a
foreign war.  I served in Operation Desert Storm,
and like my father, and grandfather, and
great-grandfather, I also came home with my own
war souvenirs.  I am sensitive to what these
souvenirs mean to the veterans and their families.
 Collecting militaria is one way that I maintain a
kinship with all veterans.  
Here are some examples of what I collect.
1985 article from The North Adams Transcript.
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Headgear and Helmets
Field Gear
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It is said that soldiers collect battlefield souvenirs, in part,
as a way of convincing themselves that they'll survive
the war.  It gives them hope of a life after the war showing
off a captured Nazi flag to the folks back home.  

And indeed , after WWII was over, American soldiers
returned to the States with their newly liberated spoils of war.

To me, these souvenirs represent all the sacrifices young
soldiers made during WWII.  Each one tells a story.  And they
are symbolic of the hope these young men had of a long and
peaceful life after the war.      

I collect WWII military souvenirs for different reasons.  First, I am a
WWII buff.  I have been a student of WWII since I was a young boy.  
Collecting the things used by men in battle and the war trophies they
brought home helps me actually "touch" history.  

Secondly, collecting these WWII souvenirs is a way for me to honor
and remember the veterans.  I have always loved meeting and talking
to WWII veterans.  They are a special breed.   

There is a saying..."Soldiers will never die, unless they are
forgotten."  I believe that.  I am honored to have in my collection, the
very items brave young men brought back from battle.  Collecting
has been my way of honoring these great warriors, preserving a
kinship with all veterans, and remembering the sacrifices they made.  
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my family and to see some of the items in my collection.