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Welcome to the Thunderbolt Ski Trail Virtual Visitor's Center.  Here you
can find weekly updates on trail conditions, submit your trip or trail
report, get the latest Thunderbolt weather forecast, and download trail
maps and directions you can print and take with you on your next trip.
Trail Conditions and Trip Reports
  • If you have been on the Thunderbolt and would like to
    report trail conditions, we'd love to hear from you.  

  • Please e-mail us and we'll post your trail report.  
Getting There
Directions to Thunderbolt Trailhead
  • Contains directions into Adams
    and to the Greyock Glen from Rte.
    8 (North or South) and Rte. 116
  • Opens a rich text format Word file
    on your computer that you can
    print and take with you
What to Expect
  • The ascent: about 2 hours if you are in shape
  • The descent: anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Terrain: the Thunderbolt is often described as
    intermediate terrain with expert conditions.  
  • It is steep in places
  • It is narrow in places
  • It is steep AND narrow in places
  • Conditions: conditions can vary widely from deep
    fresh powder, to hard packed powder, to icy moguls,
    to spring corn, to cream cheese, to thin cover and
    with exposed stumps, rocks, and other hazards that'll
    just rip your ACL in half.  The varying conditions are
    mostly what make the Thunderbolt an expert trail.
  • Weather: obviously this will vary from day to day.  
    But even on a given day, the local weather conditions
    can vary widely.  It can be sunny and mild on the
    lower half of the Thunderbolt, and freezing cold with
    blowing snow on the upper mountain.  
What to Bring
  • Skinning up Mt. Greylock is probably the most
    preferred method.  Obviously not everyone has the
    gear to do this.  Hiking up on snowshoes is a good
    alternative.  Boot packing is also a way to get up.  If
    you must boot pack, it is recommended that you stay
    off the trail and keep to one side.  
  • Dress in layers, as you will probably work up a sweat
    going up.
  • A good map will help.  There are many trails to the
    summit of Greylock...some are named, others are
    not.  See below for directions to Adams and to the
  • Food and water are always good things to pack
    along.  There is a 4 sided shelter on the summit that
    often has a fire going inside.  It's a nice place to have
    a snack and rehydrate before your run down.
Trail Statistics
  • Course Record: 2 min. 8 sec.,
    set by Per Klippgen in the
    1948 Eastern Downhill
    Championship Race.
  • Exposure: North, East, and
  • Length: 1.6 miles (racing),
    2.0 miles (total)
  • Summit Elevation: 3,491 ft.
  • Finish Line Elevation: 1,450 ft.
  • Vertical Drop: 2,050 ft.
  • Average Grade: 16 degrees
  • Steepest Grade: 35 degrees
  • Narrowest Point: 15 feet at
    Needle's Eye
  • Widest Point: 75 feet at the
    Big Schuss
General Information
January 7th, 2014
  • Skiing on the Thunderbolt has been sketchy and variable
    at best.  It was in about 2 weeks ago from The Big Schuss
    down.  A warm rainy spell blew that away.  Over the
    Christmas break a thin hard packed crust developed.  The
    snow storm after New Year's day only dropped 6 or 7
    inches of wind blown snow.  The rain yesterday took care
    of most of that.